Retro-Fix: a change in design, construction, or equipment as of an ATU already in operation, in order to incorporate improvements or new technology.


Retro-Fix Installation Instructions

1. Cut the bottom of the existing cone off leaving a 17" diameter opening. Figure 1

2. Remove cone bottom from the tank. Figure 2

3. Measure from bottom of the tank to the bottom of the cone. Figure 3

4. Cut retro-fix cone to 8" off the bottom of the tank. Figure 4

5. Apply a generous amount of silicone to the flange area of the retro-fix cone. Figure 4

6. Push the retro-fix cone downward until it snaps into existing cone. Figure 5

7. Install pump and pipe into tank and attach high water alarm wire to pipe if applicable. Figure 6

8. Install air supply pipe toward house leaving 3 ft. exposed above ground level. Figure 7

9. Hook up wiring to pump.

10. You may have to change air flow switch to current sensor for the aerator alarm circuit.

11. Fill with water and start motor.


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